Welenar is a popular PPG artist on Disney Create She has 1000+ fans and 80,000+ stars. 


Welenar is a pretty basic artist. Her main style is PPG. She has three other styles which she uses oftenly though, those are wolves, MLP, and realistic. She also has a few other side styles. 


Welenar has two main mascots: 

  • Herself
    • Welenar
    • Slush-E
  • Slush-E

She has a few other mascots although they dont seem to be used much so they weren't listed. 


There have been claims that Welenar has comminted art theft. A few examples would be using Im_Pawprintz style for her wolves, Eclipsed_moon13's chibi wolf style, and Artlover11's styles. Note that credit has not been given to these artists in her pictures.

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