I always knew I could draw, but I never took it seriously until I saw DC. I made an astonishing improvement, with Disney Create. It inspired me to draw, dream and create. I owe a lot to Disney Create. What's more, I have met amazing people with the similar interests as mine over a period of four months- 1st January, 2014 to 1st May, 2014. DC was unique and exeptional. I will never forget it. Create, your memory will ALWAYS linger in my heart. Whenever create a remarkable piece, I think of you, DC. Create is going to live where Pixie Hollow, Toontown and POTC Online are.

R.I.P. Disney Create.

Sarah ended her lovely DC life as a popular-ish artist (considering the short time it took her to get her fans) with 453 amazing fans and 35695 glittering stars.

WaltDisneysMulan is an artist on DC.

She also joined PIxie Hollow in July 2013.           


She has 33027+ stars and 447+ fans.




Her first PPG

Visit the page

You can visit her page and see her art work. Link:



Art Style

WaltDisneysMulan uses different art styles.She can draw PPG, Manga and Realistic. Basically, any style.

However, she is best in drawing Disney Characters, particularly Princesses, and is really awesome at it.


WaltDisneysMulan is a friendly and helpful person. She loves her friends and, of course, art. She gets into arguements sometimes, but otherwise she is a calm person. She really likes being admired, but is not exactly proud.


  • WaltDisneyMulan's real name is Sarah, same as her Pixie Hollow fairy's name.
  • Sarah loves animals
  • Her favourite movies are Mulan and Frozen
  • She is twelve years old.
  • Her favorite artists include KeepSecrets, keepitup13 and Kid_Scripto.
  • She loves animals

Origin of D-Name

My d-name, WaltDisneysMulan is quite special to me. I made it when I played in Pixie Hollow. I don't exactly regret it as it has the name of a Disney film. I just love Disney! It also reminds me of Pixie Hollow, which is now closed.


Sarah has fair skin, brownish black hair and deep brown eyes. She is skinny and tall for her age and loves sports. ^.^

Disney Create Friends

  • Elegantly_Art1
  • GraceRainCloud
  • Mist566
  • diamondmaster
  • mysteryartist
  • floppyrengalo
  • Guest525185216
  • RustyScreech
  • oO_birdie_Oo
  • Sameehagirl11 

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