I have brown hair and green eyes I have pale skin and is very tall. I got highlights up until this year when Im going to a new school, they say normal hair colors only. 

Thing I really like <3

  • shopping
  • new shoes
  • getting my nails done
  • getting my hair done
  • going swimming
  • going to vistit my family in other states
  • being with friends

Things I really hate

  • boring days
  • bullies
  • rude people
  • copiers
  • stealers

My style

I draw a lot of PPG. I always draw MLP to. I now just strated SC but i'm not very good at them. I can't really do anime or chibi that well, If I were to draw them it would take about two hours. I love every drawing style! Each style is different and the same in so many ways. It makes me feel like a real artist when I draw in everyone style at least once. 


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