Vampireart4 is an 8 year old living in Florida. She hs dark brown hair and green eyes. She will have highlights different every month. In July she has aqua blue, pink, neon green, and purple. Witch are her favorite colors. She can be a little strange. She is always craking jokes to her friends. Last year VA4 was voted funniest girl in her class. VA4 has over 400 fans. She mostly draws PPG with a little chibi, SC, and anime. Useless fun fact! It took Me almost to get 200 fans. 


I am not so good at chibi, as you can see by the pic over there its a little messy. that was one of my first chibi's i drew on DC. Now I can draw in that wonderful style

Disney-CreateVampireArt4-Ever-happened (1)

Really old chibi


Vampire art4 draws in PPG a lot. She started drawing PPG when she was fairly new. She is really conforatble in the style and can draw them on paper or online. 

(some pictures of me and other artist drew by some on my friends in PPG)


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