Hey, DC Wiki! I know it's still summer, but on the last day of school, my drama teacher assigned me to write a play for the next year. So, sometime in the first week of school next year, I have to give him the script for that play. I decided I'd do the play at school and do it on the wiki. (Thanks CasualGirl10 for this brilliant idea!) So, I'm going to turn it into a comic (for the wiki, since obviously we can't all get up on stage and perform together). I'll give out the roles before I explain the plot.

Note: Yes, there WILL be extras. You know how in a movie, they have extras, well it's gonna be the same with the comic. If you can't find a part you want but still want to enter, you can ask to be an extra. I will still put your name in the "credits". 

Tess (Popular Mean girl) - Katebith

Addie (Tess's BFF) - TeamFinnickOdair 

Christina (Tess's BFF) - Isparklehearts

Miri (Tess's BFF) - Verena-Chan

Red Wizard - Lilderpderp

Ethan (Elena's crush) - Nobody, will make.

Jonathan (Lucy's crush) - Verena-Chan

Ms. McCoy (Math teacher) - CrazyCat1802

Mr. Reed (History teacher) - Nobody, will make.

Principal Walsh - Nobody, will make.

Elena (Nice girl) - Candifloss-official 

Elizabeth (Elena's BFF) - Mist566

Lucy (Elena's BFF) - BubbleSkirtDC

Plot:     A school full of people gets attacked by an evil wizard. He goes by the name of the Red Wizard. The Red Wizard can control everyone in the school! When Elena and her friends try to save everyone, Tess steps in the way. They then compete to take over the Red Wizard. One of them saves everyone, but who? 

How to enter: Fill out this form in a comment:

What part do you want?

2 reasons you should get the part:

Short description of your character's appearance:

Appearance reference picture (optional):

                                                                 Your fellow wikier,

                                                           BubbleSkirtDC (talk) 21:39, July 23, 2013 (UTC)

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