Too all of the wiki :)

Hello fellow Wikians! Happy Mothers day! i know MJ already asked this, but what did you do for your mom for Mothers day? I made mine breakfast in bed! Later, we're going downtown because it's a nice plcae to spend the afternoon. B)

To all CreateFriends members

Okay, so if you haven't been on in a while, I need you to get on now. I had the idea of making characters for all of us(like we each make one) and calling them "The Create Friends". They would be our friends in comics, they could be featured in comics, all of that stuff. So, Pinkie and i have already made ours. Just so you know, the names Aria and Pinkie are taken.

Yours TARDISLY(P.S, did anyone see nightmare in Silver? It was EPIC!), WHOVIAN OUT,

zuesdemigod2002 AKA Madeleine

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