Okie dokie. STORY TIME! 

So earlier today I was just sketching and doodling, watching MarkCrilley videos.

That's when I got the idea to revamp and old comic I had the idea of creating on DC into a manga. In real-life. So, I'm taking people from the wiki, and real life(aka mah BFFs) to put in the comic.

I decided to call the Manga, "Bailey's World: The Other Side of the Mirror"

So, I have five openings.

Just fill out this form and I'll decide who gets the parts.

Name(either real life name or a nickname for it):

How you would describe yourself:

Why you think you should be in my manga(three sentences at the least):

What part are you going for?:


Mean girl/villan 1: Hannah (Mist566)

Mean girl/villan 2: Bobby (submitted by BoBoJoe)

Mean girl/villan 3: Max (Maximum_Fire)

Best Friend in mirror world: Lovee (123LoveLost)

Frenemy in mirror world: Mari (DoubleDerpu)

So, that's it. I'll be posting each page on the wiki as I create it.

                                                           Your friend,

                                                                  Zueseh Gooseh

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