Kira lied in the fields, the grass blew with the whistle of the wind, her beautiful blue eyes watched the teal sky as the clouds fluffed their way in the sky. the cold but refreshing wind glided over her fur and nuzzled her fur coat making her feel a cold tingle.   Kira's favorite thing to do was watch the sky on a summer day. She liked to watch the clouds and see if water would fall from them and fall to the ground. Kira was to busy in joining the stunning sight of the sky she didn't notice on of her close friends swoop from the sky above her and start to glide down towards her   Kira field the rush of his wings pushing wind down as he landed next to her, his wings snapped and roared of fire whirling from his wings "There you are" He spoke  Kira was snapped out of her daydream by Ashes smooth voice. She looked up at him as he lied down next to her, his large phoenix wings curled shut and tighten on his back not even burning his fur "What's wrong everyone's having fun in the cave while your out here all alone" Ashes said  "That's the point Ashes Mumbled Kira, she flipped a rock around in her white paw, she chucked the rock to the side and tried to hard not to cry  "Why?" he asked her "All your friends are in that cave having fun, i mean snowflakes, luna, Moon, blu, scarlet, Natilie, even Nyx" Ashes told "Even more wolves are there then i can count on my four paws" Ashes sat up and showed her all for of his paws                                                                                                                                    Ashes seemed to lose his balance as he stumbled and fell onto his back, Kira chuckled knowing Ashes loved to make everyone laugh. "Oh gosh i have zero balance" Ashes joked as he rolled back onto his stomach                          "Sorry Ashes" Kira said "I just have alot on my mind, about sandstorm and Heat, and stuff"                                      "Oh no" Ashes groaned but smiled "Boy trouble, i can't help you with that one" Ashes chuckled as Kira gave a friendly punch to his should                                                                                                                                      "It's okay we can go back now" Kira said "I haven't talked to Luna in the longest time i need to catch up with her"                                                                                                                                                               

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