Dakota sneaked through the bushes covered in thrones. Her stunning ocean blue eyes darted around almost waiting for someone to attack. She got down on her stomach and pulled herself forward. Her ears twitched when she heard a loud snap of a twig or a tree branch.

She started to raise her deep growl and show her sharp white teeth. Dakota saw a figure flick across the small opening and flip into the large oak tree. Dakota whipped around and started to crawl in the direction of the tree. she slowly pulled herself from her stomach and slither up the tree. Before Dakota could process what just happened. A large yellow figure flew from a bush and leaped onto her back. Dakota yelped as she was knocked to her off her paws. she slide on the ground she felt her paw twist in an odd angle making her give a small howl. "Yes, one point for the great Highlighter, and zero for Dakota" Dakota heard Highlighter cackle. Dakota used her knees to push her body back up and stand on her paws. Dakota flipped her hair from her face and saw Highlighter doubled over and giggling. Dakota face turned slightly red and she gave a weak grin. "Not bad Highlighter" Dakota told Highlighter stopped laughing as she took in a couple of deep breaths. "Ouch that looks like it hurts" Highlighter wailed pointing to Dakota's front paw. Dakota looked down at her paws and noticed one was twisted funny. she slightly moved it back into place. a loud snap came from her paw and it snapped back into place. "So Highlighter wh-" Dakota didn't even finish her sentence before she charged out and did a beautiful spin  she smashed her head into Highlight's stomach making Highlighter fly off her feet. Dakota landed on her four paws standing in perfectly as her stunning eyes watched Highlighter fall over and and land in a tree. "Ah!" was all Highlighter howled before a loud crash bellowed over her scream. Dakota trotted over to where Highlighter was. she stood over Highlighter, Dakota's beautiful  eyes closed as laughter escaped from her lungs. "I got you good!" she teased Highlighter just lied on her back not really sure of what to make of this. "um... ugh" was all she said "One point for me and zero points for you" Dakota chuckled. Highlighter gave a wicked grin as she said "I'll get ya back Dakota. you just wait" Highlighter teased.

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