Ok, so i thought it would be cool to start a blog... its called, what did you draw today, or something like that. all you have to do is say what your plainng on drawing today or what you did draw today. i will make a list of ting i drew today on create and on paper

.I drew IM_pawprintz request of Ashes with snowflakes (i actually drew that a along time ago, right when i got the note for paws i drew them together, my drawing never got published :( anyways)

.I drew a BIO for my new SC character, i drew this in my art book

.I drew one of my favorite video game characters SLIME! he's so cute!!!! 

.i also drew a fairy princess with orange hair and blue skin (i wanted to get creative) also on create

.and i drew some of my SC characters on paper 

It's not that much art, but comment arts you've drawn through the week, today, or planning on drawing. i really like to ear other ideas from other artists :D 

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