aka Zelda

  • I live in Ponyville
  • I was born on October 6
  • My occupation is Working at the potion shop at Hyrule
  • I am A girl
  • Zeldaisgreat

    MLP comic

    December 27, 2013 by Zeldaisgreat

     Okay, so i'm making a new MLP comic. This is what it is about: It's about me as a pony moving to a new town, where i meet new friends and it's about our friendship and stuff. But the ponies i meet and become friends with are my internet friends! 

    So if you want to be in the comic comment below saying you want to be in the comic and post a link of yourself as a pony. I'm not allowing pony mascots to be in the comic only my internet friends as ponies. :) 

    The comic will be made on DeviantART but i will also post it on here :). 

     That's about it. XD 

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  • Zeldaisgreat


    August 17, 2013 by Zeldaisgreat

    Dakota sneaked through the bushes covered in thrones. Her stunning ocean blue eyes darted around almost waiting for someone to attack. She got down on her stomach and pulled herself forward. Her ears twitched when she heard a loud snap of a twig or a tree branch.

    She started to raise her deep growl and show her sharp white teeth. Dakota saw a figure flick across the small opening and flip into the large oak tree. Dakota whipped around and started to crawl in the direction of the tree. she slowly pulled herself from her stomach and slither up the tree. Before Dakota could process what just happened. A large yellow figure flew from a bush and leaped onto her back. Dakota yelped as she was knocked to her off her paws. she slide on the ground s…

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  • Zeldaisgreat

    Kira lied in the fields, the grass blew with the whistle of the wind, her beautiful blue eyes watched the teal sky as the clouds fluffed their way in the sky. the cold but refreshing wind glided over her fur and nuzzled her fur coat making her feel a cold tingle.   Kira's favorite thing to do was watch the sky on a summer day. She liked to watch the clouds and see if water would fall from them and fall to the ground. Kira was to busy in joining the stunning sight of the sky she didn't notice on of her close friends swoop from the sky above her and start to glide down towards her   Kira field the rush of his wings pushing wind down as he landed next to her, his wings snapped and roared of fire whirling from his wings "There you are" He spok…

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  • Zeldaisgreat

    Ok, so i thought it would be cool to start a blog... its called, what did you draw today, or something like that. all you have to do is say what your plainng on drawing today or what you did draw today. i will make a list of ting i drew today on create and on paper

    .I drew IM_pawprintz request of Ashes with snowflakes (i actually drew that a along time ago, right when i got the note for paws i drew them together, my drawing never got published :( anyways)

    .I drew a BIO for my new SC character, i drew this in my art book

    .I drew one of my favorite video game characters SLIME! he's so cute!!!! 

    .i also drew a fairy princess with orange hair and blue skin (i wanted to get creative) also on create

    .and i drew some of my SC characters on paper 

    It's …

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