Xx AllieOop xX

  • I live in The land of Drawing
  • I was born on August 8
  • My occupation is Drawing on DC
  • I am A girl... maybe.. maybe not
  • Xx AllieOop xX

    Xx AllieOop xX

    June 13, 2013 by Xx AllieOop xX

    My name isn't Allie, it is my fave name. I can't put my real name in. Do not ask why. I just follow my mom's orders. Anyway, I am a 12 year old, and my highlights aren't permanent. They wear off in just a month. I change them a week in the month. I got new ones on 6-13-13. They are blu-ish greenish.


    • pie
    • cheese
    • drawing
    • music
    • imagining
    • inspiring others
    • using people as armrests
    • playing on my tablet ;)


    • bullies
    • drama queens
    • cliques
    • the color brown
    • lectures
    • boring things
    • art theft
    • growing up

    I am a picky eater. I won't eat anything I don't like. I am also picky with everything else. Jobs, songs, song artists, people, you name it.

    I like people who like kittens, or animals in general. I love animals. My Girl Scout Troop and I just finished our bronze …

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