June 13

Hello diary!Im Graycloud!And I will be this best Pegasusus EVER!

Some ponies think i'm stupid and way to ahead of myself,but I ignore them because I believe I can do it.Me and my friends,Soarin,Spitfire,and  Lighting Dust,all are big dreamers.We are hoping to get AWESOME cutie marks!We start are first day of school tommorrow.I dont think im ready,what if-what if they make fun of me?

June 14

First day of school today...I really am worried.Soarin comes by my house with a backpack strapped around his back."Awesome Backpack dude!"He looked at his backpack and said thank you in reply.He asked if I was ready and I grabbed a checkered neon green backpack."Okay let's go."We walked to school  and I seen so many fillies walk into school.Just act normal,and smooth,Graycloud,Normal and smooth.Soarin and I walked to are rooms and looked at the teacher.The teacher pointed at the board and smiled.It said something,but I couldn't read it.She spoke clearly"Hello students I am Mrs.ColorBurst."She was quiet colorful.Her mane was pink with a purple and green stripe,her coat was light pink,and her eye were purple with kindness and love.She handed out papers.I looked at it.Wirte?I tilted the paper sideways,i narrowed my eyes at it.I could feel tears burning,and i said"Mrs.Colorburst?"She trotted over to my happliey,"Yes Ms.Cloud?""I-I dont know how to read."Ponies looked at me and whispered to one of eachother.I gulped."Oh-well Ms.Cloud,meet me at recess time."I nodded and I stared at the board.

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