Wonder 2001

aka Tess

  • I live in In a house '-'
  • I was born on July 30
  • My occupation is Drawing,Super Smash Bros Melee,Disney create,Transformice,and acting cool.
  • I am A SHE MALE-heheh jk im a Female
  • Wonder 2001

    June 13

    Hello diary!Im Graycloud!And I will be this best Pegasusus EVER!

    Some ponies think i'm stupid and way to ahead of myself,but I ignore them because I believe I can do it.Me and my friends,Soarin,Spitfire,and  Lighting Dust,all are big dreamers.We are hoping to get AWESOME cutie marks!We start are first day of school tommorrow.I dont think im ready,what if-what if they make fun of me?

    June 14

    First day of school today...I really am worried.Soarin comes by my house with a backpack strapped around his back."Awesome Backpack dude!"He looked at his backpack and said thank you in reply.He asked if I was ready and I grabbed a checkered neon green backpack."Okay let's go."We walked to school  and I seen so many fillies walk into school.Just act…

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