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  • I live in pluto
  • I was born on February 11
  • My occupation is art,videos,reading
  • I am a pie
  • Waterpainter1144


    October 11, 2013 by Waterpainter1144

    ok hi i have not made a blog post in like forever 0.0 but um i am taking request i will put them on this wiki and make a video of me drawing them the things i can draw are 1.ppg 2.chibi and 3.stick figures but if want me to draw another style tell me i will learn how to draw it then draw what you want me to draw:) and i will draw anything you want as long as it is not gross lol i can make on DC or paper your choice


    do you want me to try to draw in another style:yes or no

    what you want me to draw:me and you just you ect...

    anything else

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  • Waterpainter1144

    ok guys i think im gonna leave dc wiki i feel so bad and confused im really crying right now :(

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  • Waterpainter1144

    DC and who i am

    August 16, 2013 by Waterpainter1144

    ok hi i know this will prob get deleted but i don't really care -.- ok so im waterpainter1144 and i have a DC(duh) but alot of people don't know me well i am just a artist(not a very good one) who wants to get noticed (that's why im typeing this) and wants to draw better(way better) right now i can draw ppg's and stick people(lol) but i am learning on how to draw chibi yay! i'm trying to find other things fun to draw but i'm just not sure if i can i really want to learn how to draw wolfs and mlp's but i am terrible at drawing animal's :/ well that's all i want to say and if this gets deleted oh well i guess

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