So I have this comic idea called Ayako's Dimensions. I need some staff people to help me make this comic first-

Story/Script: Verena-chan 

illustrator(illustates,will share it on DC, must be approved fast.): DoubleDerp :3

Co-illustrator(Designer for peoples clothes,hair,outfits, and backgrounds): Mist, ZuesDemiGod, and TeamFinnick

And I need peoples mascots for some parts-

Roommate/Friend(Has cat-like powers xD): Birdie

Friend 1: Lovie

Friend 2: Jun

Classmates/Background Characters:

So you might be thinking, "What is this comic about Verena?!" (Classified info, dont tell anyone)

There's this girl named Ayako who lives in the regulaur anime world or "human world" anime style. She was born in another dimension. So there's two dimensions, the regulaur dimension and the Disney dimension. The Disney Dimension is differend from the regular world. People there have "powers" that they were born with. So back to Ayako. She was born in the Disney Dimension with the power to travel through dimensions, when she got her powers(Age:3) she warped to the regulaur world dimension and was found and raised by her "grandparents". Then one day(Age:12) she suddenly transports back to the Disney Dimension and ends up at DC Academy.

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