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  • I live in Candyland
  • I was born on February 14
  • I am cat
  • Verena-Chan

    HOW TO ROLEPLAY:  Hey guys! So many of you probably havn't ever been in a roleplay(RP) before, and I don't mean video game type of roleplay... So the first step of a roleplay if to make your character, there will probably be a form for you to fill out. You can make a new character whenever you want! And you can join the roleplay anytime! For instance, in one roleplay before I jumped in when they were fighting a boss! So feel free to join anytime! When you are in the roleplay, be kind to fellow members and DON'T KILL ANY CHARACTERS without the owners permission. You can have multiple characters, as long as you can keep up with all of them. When you roleplay, try to not post to many comments at the same time, otherwise it's spamming. You rol…

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  • Verena-Chan

    So I have this comic idea called Ayako's Dimensions. I need some staff people to help me make this comic first-

    Story/Script: Verena-chan 

    illustrator(illustates,will share it on DC, must be approved fast.): DoubleDerp :3

    Co-illustrator(Designer for peoples clothes,hair,outfits, and backgrounds): Mist, ZuesDemiGod, and TeamFinnick

    And I need peoples mascots for some parts-

    Roommate/Friend(Has cat-like powers xD): Birdie

    Friend 1: Lovie

    Friend 2: Jun

    Classmates/Background Characters:

    So you might be thinking, "What is this comic about Verena?!" (Classified info, dont tell anyone)

    There's this girl named Ayako who lives in the regulaur anime world or "human world" anime style. She was born in another dimension. So there's two dimensions, the regulaur …

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