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  • Vampire art 4


    July 26, 2013 by Vampire art 4

    I'm making a comic.......

    Wanna be in it?

    Well do you?

    say yes!!!!

    Main person

    main person sister (older)

    Main person sister (younger)


    random old person! 

    the pet (it talks!!!!!!!!) -Verena-Chan

    The main person, her two sisters and BFF find out that their pet can talk. Then the old person finds out and takes the pet away. He does tests and trys to make sure the animal will never talk again.

    Will he beable to do it before the kids stop him?

    Find out in the comic!

    Fill this in!



    why should i pick you-

    if you wanna be the pet fill this out


    what kind of animal?

    why should i pick you-

    if you want a part comment below but you need to fill out the form!


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  • Vampire art 4

    I'm sorry!!

    July 21, 2013 by Vampire art 4

    I put on someone's page (that should remain nameless) the F word. I was really mad some people that I was so shallow to be CandiflossJR and copy one of the best artist (candifloss) 

    My sister said the F word to me. I am still really mad about it and everytime I think of it I start to say it. Please forgive me. I promise to never say that word again!

    im really sorry! :(

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  • Vampire art 4


    July 20, 2013 by Vampire art 4

    Hey DC wiki!! I am going to London August 1 and coming back on the August 10. I'll try and draw pictures (unlikly I will) [1]

    I'll miss you alll! Create Wit Ya Laterz

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  • Vampire art 4

    Today (june 27, 2013) I wen to go see monsters university! it was the best movie ever! comment below if you saw it. Ifyou didn't see it yet go and see it! Commetn what you thought about the movie and if you liked it or not! (probably liked it) 

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    June 22, 2013 by Vampire art 4

    Hey dc! I am sooo bored, anyone have a request? if you want me to draw you please have a pic of yourself or tell me what you look like, so I can draw you and me or what ever. I can animals, MLP, blah blah. I am not that good at wolves but I will still draw them. if you want your mascot with mine I will do it. If you don't have amascot and you want one 1, I will ask you what you want and I will draw it for you and POOF you have a mascot. I will also give shout outs for less popular artist with very few fans. I will draw and do anything you want. ( i will not give you waffles so don't ask!)

    (>O.O># waffle anyone?

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