everyone knows nan is going to delete this wiki i know everyone  is sad :( so what's your choice to make new website like this wiki?! it will be amazing idea so before i create i need some help (read at down) so in the website is photos and vids in easy steps and anything u want  :D of course i dont forget to add live chat! if u guys like this idea just say yes! 

i choice some names for the new website just vote and i'll choose the winner with Warriorcatluna :D!

1."Draw in Dream" 


3."draw on Disney"

4."Disney Create Club"

5."Disney Create Friends"Sorry everyone it's created

ok all u have to do is just vote i'll choose the winner TO MAKE THE NEW WEBSITE :) with all ur friends and all DC artists just comment and let me see what u said about this website :)!

( i need some more help to add stuffs if u wanna help me and elese just comment plz help)

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