Okay guys, I feel SUPER bad! I have been lying, about my age, and I just wanted to say I am sorry. I seriously, you have no idea how bad I feel! I don't care if you think i am overreacting, so please, just agree with me.  I am actually twelve, but I am turning 13 in a couple months. Please don't ban this account, I PROMISE that I am actually turning 13 in November. I totally thought I put that I was born in the year 2,000, but my hand slipped or something, and I guess I put 1999. I seriously didn't know that there was an age limit until I joined and heard about it. PLEASE don't ban my account. I PROMISE this is the last time I will use this account until I turn 13. I guess the whole, breaking US law got to my head, and I feel bad easily. I would hate to break the law, so that kinda freaked me out, even though it was an ACCIDENT. I can't say this enough, but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't ban this account! If I do ever use it before my birthday, then you can, but I promise I wont!!!!!

Thanks for everything guys!!!! :D See you in November!!

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