Hey guys, so I decided to show a part of a story I am writing. :3

This is just for fun. 

Here it is:

I thought we were best friends. I am rarely wrong, so you can see why this is disserning for me. When I look back, I hate to think about how I looked in their eyes; pathetic. Selfish. Clueless.

Probably because I was acting that way.

Then I was left alone, isolated, sitting at a table full of people who have rejected me, but have enough pitty on me to let me sit near them.

Well, Sara, Emma and Joseph will miss me. We won't be the fantastic four anymore. So they can be the three musketeers. See if I care.

Truth is, I do. We were best friends. And having them always talking about inside jokes they had at there trio sleep overs, and them ignoring everything that comes out of my mouth is really unsettling.

They even told me that they didn't want me to be with them because I am ruining their reputation. But I wasn't for the last 4 years.

So here I was, sitting lonely, looking at my lap. Social outcasm was summoning me.

I knew that middle school was gonna stink. And it did.

I eventually changed schools, to start new. Only I would still have to go to the same high school as my old friends.

Now here I am, standing in the front door, about to start my new year at High School. The word freshman keeps on bouncing around in my head.

"A fresh start." I whisper to myself.

~                 ~                     ~

After an uncomfortable bus ride, I finally make it to school.  When I enter, I notice one thing. Its big. I walk through the halls, trying to approach my locker while trying to not look uncouthly. But I get odd looks, and everyone I walk past silences. I hear a few whispers. Then someone I recognize whispers to his friend "Is that Jane, because if so, she got hot since middle school."

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