Ok so the title is like really dramatic but I know if i put "Par leaving wiki until summer she may be able to come back on Saturdays" That would get no one. It is just that it is end of year, it is getting busy and I am spending to much time here when I need to be getting up my grades and working on assignments. But quite honestly after that I will come less because chat is hardly fun ever because no one actually comes on anymore. And like everyone here has like little posses and cliques of people they like talk to and get along with really well together with and I don't pertain to any of them lol. Like the only person who I have had any interaction away from the wiki with is mist lol (Drawsomething lol sky) and my PARents (see what I did there lol) say since im not really helping the wiki or anything in any way, my presense here is by no means beneficial, they are revoking my hours of me being here lol. But when summer comes I may coem on more (if summer is fun on the wiki again :P)

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