Hey there! So i figured this would be my official blog. I guess i'll start off on how my day has been =D

Day 2 of being on Wikia:

I redrew my original (it didn't share) entery for Rusty's contest 'Ison's GF Contest'. In my opinion, my entery came out a little messy. My shading style (i call it "oil shading") is a bit tricky to master. I'm still working on perfecting it. Thankfully, DC approved the pic and i found it on the front page this afternoon.

I was talking on the chat this evening, when Candi announced me as having the record of D-points. I didn't know there was a record... O3o That made my day a bit happier though lol. I (apparently) have 246,377,265,936 points. So yeah. Aweshum surprise of the day lol.

I also made a lil spoof of "Rate 5's" this evening. I had to exadrate a little bit for the better of my entertainment. Those who like "Rate 5's" please only take it as a poor, bored girl's way of amusing herself. 

Besides that, I've just been figuring out my own problems of life. It's odd to be a homeschooled, emo, christian, teenager lol. You just don't live a normal life! I swear, Algebra hates me. I have the deepest personal hatred for it. 

I feel that people may find me kinda negative or selfish; i dearly hope i don't give that impression. Maybe it's just that i'm more awear of this then others are, but i find myself apologizing for every little thing X3

Also, if theres anyone i havn't met yet, i would love to! 

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