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  • I live in Narnia
  • I was born on August 19
  • My occupation is Professional stresser
  • I am Unicorn
  • Tonkonesekitty

    As the title says, River is pregnant :D!

    They will be giving birth to 4-5 pups in a few days, and they will be aviable for adoption! I will obviously draw them with their parents every-now-and-again, but i know that they will make some artists very happy :3

    Once the pups are of age, they will be up on my deviantart (  )

    I need help though!

    If you guys have any name ideas, comment below! 



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  • Tonkonesekitty

    Hey there! So i figured this would be my official blog. I guess i'll start off on how my day has been =D

    I redrew my original (it didn't share) entery for Rusty's contest 'Ison's GF Contest'. In my opinion, my entery came out a little messy. My shading style (i call it "oil shading") is a bit tricky to master. I'm still working on perfecting it. Thankfully, DC approved the pic and i found it on the front page this afternoon.

    I was talking on the chat this evening, when Candi announced me as having the record of D-points. I didn't know there was a record... O3o That made my day a bit happier though lol. I (apparently) have 246,377,265,936 points. So yeah. Aweshum surprise of the day lol.

    I also made a lil spoof of "Rate 5's" this evening. I ha…

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  • Tonkonesekitty

    Charactor Histories.

    February 11, 2014 by Tonkonesekitty


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