Hi guys. I know I never blog at ALL, and probably no one will read this, but I'm bored, and so I decided, why not?

I'm bummed about DC closing. I got Adobe Illustrator, but I have no idea how to even start to use it, and by then the free usage period will be up. I'm still trying to find a decent website for drawing that is as simple and nice as DC, and requires no downloads or payments. It's REALLY hard!

A couple months ago, I got into Polyvore, the fashion collage site. It's pretty fun. I figured I'd add a button to my blog, so any fellow Polyvore-ers can follow me, or at least see my sets. I have two accounts, the button I'm posting is for my second one, not my main one, just so you know.

<a href=""><img src="" width="200" height="27"></a>

I doubt the button will actually show up, I bet it's just code.



P.S. Finally got new sneakers. My old ones were duct taped at the toe. I got two pairs, which is kind of a first for me.

EDIT: Told you it was just code.

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