Alright guys, can you knock it off please? Baltocreations was almost crying because of the things commented on her blog post because she doesn't like PPG style. So what? what I'M having trouble with is that why people aren't doing it to me??? I said i don't like PPG style too, yet all the hate has been directed towards BC? did you not see what i said about PPG on my message board??? Take a look! I don't care, just KNOCK IT OFF! and Mockingjay, telling Baltocreations to leave like that was absolutely unnecessary. Someone on deviantart told ME that once. wanna know where they landed? THEY. GOT. BANNED. this goes to say that what you said could be classified as cyberbullying. I'm Not saying BC didn't do anything, but i certainly know she DID NOT mean to hurt anyones feelings. And I'm not placing every blame on MJ, I am extremely dissappointed with how everyone handled the situation. 

Alas, I hope we can all forgive each other and go back to being friends again. In the future we should ALL try to prevent things like this from happening again. Though I doubt that there will be no more drama. this... this was just out of control.


P.S. I forgive you all!

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