I am back on DC!!! Yay and stuff! I drew my first picture also! I am back on DC once again! I will and will not do the following.

-I wont fan anyone (except Nicolette, cause she's my friend in real life)

-I wont favorite anything

-I won't draw anyone's OC's (Once again, except Nicolette, because her Eddsworld character is one of the main characters in my cartoon, I might draw someone's OC if they are a lucky goose)

-I won't start any contests (I might enter some though)

-I wont draw in PPG style

-and Eddsworld style will be my main style I will draw in

Also, if I ever come back, it will be a different account. (It will be named TheLilli2004) :)


TheLilli2004's first drawing when coming back on DC

Here is the drawing I did. (I hope it will publish!)

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