So nowadays, I'm no longer on DC (I sure hope everyone knew that, or this would be awkward). I pretty much retired on May 23rd and stuff. So I'll maybe...Just maybe! Draw something on DC on May 23rd. I wont say that I will though, If you silly gooses are lucky, I might draw something a little earlier. Just because I care and stuff! So yeah. Also! I will not be posting the new drawing on my old (lilli2004) profile (If I decide to draw it), You guys have to find a new account of mine in the future! Which is a little close to Lilli2004 (Once again, if I ever choose to draw the picture). Also Also! If I ever choose to come back to DC, I won't be doing what I usually do, I Will and will not do the following.

-I won't favorite anything

-I wont Fan anyone (Except Nicolette, cause she's one of my real life friend's)

-I wont do requests

-I wont draw anyone's OC's (Except Nicolette, and Fuzzbolt) (If you are a lucky goose, I might draw your OC)

-I'm not going to draw in PPG style

-I will finally mostly draw in Eddsworld style mostly (Which is my main style)

-I wont start any contests (I might enter some though)

So yeah, only if I want to come back. :)

Lilli(2004)'s Freeze ray! (She is an evil mad scientist villain)

Here is a picture of my character with a freeze ray!

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