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  • Sunnykitty123

    Ignore dis

    May 17, 2014 by Sunnykitty123


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  • Sunnykitty123

    Because I don't want anyone to get mad that I delete their things so I saved it here :E

    This page is dedicated to the beautiful Elegantlyart_1 who suffered from a hostile heart disease. No comments denying that, please. Write something great that you think of ele:

    Par: Elephant was one of the best people on this wiki, and no matter what, alive or dead, she will always be one of my friends, and I will always remember our pm times! :3 Whatever happened just know that ele isn't really one to lie to me, and if you say one bad word or lay a finger on Elephant you will not be happy. For Ele, adorable, fun, funny, cool person and one of my closest friends here. Bye ele! ~

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  • Sunnykitty123



    Guys, mist's birthday is coming up! We should all draw something for her and surprise her on her wall >:D

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  • Sunnykitty123

    The new create...

    April 3, 2014 by Sunnykitty123

    Credit to animals12 for being the first person to make this idea into a blog xD

    So for the new create, here is what I was thinking...

    Make an open page and include the drawing and artist of the week.

    Make a "home page" where we display art and comment underneath it.

    Contests page...

    On your user page, you will make that into your gallery like in create.

    You are in charge of your gallery on your page. I will create the other pages that are needed and maybe add a couple more that would make it more fun. Do not make ANY of these pages because I have a very special way of making them. I'm just putting my ideas down so you can see them. I promise the pages won't be spam! I'll come up with a star and fanning system but don't worry about that part yet.…

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  • Sunnykitty123

    Heya guys! First off, I miss my Jesskitty account :C I'll try to change the password. Anyway, this is a blog to see which mlp oc is our favorite! First off, I have a list of mlp ocs participating. If you want to participate in the challenge, you have to tell me the mlp oc you want to be in it and link this blog to someone who may be interested. You need to help me write the list! And you can do that by linking this to people or else this may not be possible C: In the list, you need to say your  in the list (this is optional, but you can say who to take off the list!) and I will find the top three ponies that appear the most. This blog is not trying to hurt anyone! It's supposed to be more of a fun test thing X) if you think it will hurt som…

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