Hello!Koko here and I have a story to tell! Okie this is the story of Bubble Brush's life! Bubble Brush, daughter of Rainbow Dash, was born in Cloudsdale. Bubble Brush was a Pegasus, although, unlike her mother, she had very poor flying skills. Bubble Brush found a love for art at the age of two. But she didn't start doing anything art related until she was about five. She had to attend flight camp when she was at age six, and did quite well for a disadvantaged flyer. Once Princess Luna noticed this, she requested to personally teach Bubble Brush. Not long after they had started, Princess Luna had taught Bubble Brush many things. One day, Bubble became quite stressed over a paper and started to doodle on the side. The next day when Bubble Brush was required to turn in her paper, Luna had noticed the drawings on the side and was left speechless. "Fantastic work, Bubble Brush! You are certainly a talented artist!" That was all Luna managed to say because Bubble Brush's work had amazed her so much.

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