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  • I was born on February 24
  • My occupation is Being a artist / normal person...
  • I am Female
  • Stepping Stone O o O o

    I haven't been on in a while and I don't really want to be.

    With all the new users and the layout it's a bit... Chaotic? 

    I've already seen a user post a real life picture and a rant about PPGs...

    I guess I don't really feel welcome because all the personalities are diffrent from mine?

    And there are more moderators... ehehheeehahhh... and theres going to be more? Yayyyyyyyy * shakes head *

    And more pages.... yayyahahahhnnnooonnnno... Yeah... I'm going to not even try updating The Page Keeper. Do it yourselves or recycle? It's yours now.

    Some of them don't relate to me in any way but oh well. Thats great to see so many... polite and ... th'oughtful ... unbiased ... users.That are able to tolerate other people's feelings, motives, and ideas.

    Welcome …

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  • Stepping Stone O o O o

    Thanks to who ever is reading this. I absolutely enjoy writing these.

    We have some more users here so be sure to show them around! ^_-

    Oh, and more users means more pages and more pages means more regulations!

    Please use correct spelling and correct grammar! It will make the pages easier to read for all. On user pages, it's okay to use words such as lol, but don't overuse.

    Neatness is a big part of if I like a page or not. If all I see is words bunched together there is a big chance the page will be annoying to me. The spacebar, enter key and headings will not hurt.

    Tone also plays a big part. Tone is usally determined by choice of words and overall use of grammar. As you can see, there is a big diffrence between:

    " Cool! Could you please draw me …

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  • Stepping Stone O o O o

    Okay, so users are starting to get accounts & make pages so we can learn more about them!

    & I am here, of course, to bring you more rules about what you post. ^-^

    If you are making a page for something, please use the pages labeled Open Page, Open Page 2, & Open Page 3! All you need to do is change the title. After these pages are used up, we can make new ones.

    Be sure to look over what you post. Remember, this will be availiable for the whole wide web to see! Things like how you act, how you look, & family are okay, as long you don't go too much into detail. If you want to put where you live, only put a state or a well - known city, like a capital. Please don't post a real picture of yourself or anything like that! A drawing is fine though!


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  • Stepping Stone O o O o

    Oh No...

    March 31, 2013 by Stepping Stone O o O o

    This wiki has grown a whole bunch!

    But in good, there is always a bad... ^~^

    I have seen a lot more hate than usual. It is great to share your opinion, but there is a fine line between sharing an opinion & hidden hate. I expect us to be polite & check our comments to see what side of this line we are on.

    Example? Fine by me.

    On the Lucy100- a new comment sprung up that said the word Whovian was stupid. By that one comment many were offended!

    Okay, what does Doctor Who & the word Whovian possibly have to do with Lucy100- and her art?! I'm not a fan of Doctor Who myself, but Whovian was not created by people because they were delusional. What about Directioners & Beliebers? Hetalians and Homestucks? Many fans have created an name with their fando…

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  • Stepping Stone O o O o

       So I see someone has edited the Lucy100- page! Thank you for the changes. If anyone sees something wrong, feel free to edit also!

                 - SS

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