Howdy partner! SD's here!

Hey Guys! Today, Guess whos going to the baseball game? I am! I am! I love going to the baseball games! Or Ball game as some people call it! I have  baseball themed joke starring me and my OC, Grapes! 

Grapes: How do baseball players keep in touch?

Me: Uh..I don't know..what?

Grapes: Duh! They touch base every once in a while. How could you not get it, SD?!??

Me: Sorry Grapes! *Runs*

Okay...back on track! I will be at the Miller Park, WI and the Milwaukee Brewers is playing against Los Angeles Dodgers! I can't WAIT! My family, some of my close relatives go to the Miller park every summer so... Its like a Summer tradition to us!

Peace out! SD's Out!

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