So now Par came back to her friends. And now they are getting closer to the show. "Um, I'm hungry." complained Mist. Just then Zelda, Finnick , and Elegantly gave Mist some salad. "Where did you come from, Finnick?" asked Mist. They were almost there! They started speed walking. Then running. Then running faster. THEY MADE IT! All of them were happy. They sneaked in somehow.

PAUSE so now they sneaked in, but how? I'll tell you in the secrets of this! PLAY

They sneaked in somehow. Par got them seats. It was the best Christmas show ever! The cows pulled Satna's sleigh. The cows were elves, Santas, and part of the audience. " Ok this is pretty weird and funny, but how are we gonna get home?" I asked. " We just get the way we got here," answered Candifloss. They got home. Now they were tired. "How are we gonna sleep?" Glowb asked. "So there is 3 rooms. And about 12 of us. We will just sleep together or sleep on the floor." They all tried to manage the way to sleep.........

THE END comment if I should make a story! U choose the plots and stuff!

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