Okay. Now in the story we have A lot of people. At the end I shall put credits! Ok BACK TO THE STORY:

"Oh wow. WHY MIST???" yelled Glowb. "Why is there so many people? SV ordered-and forgot- 10 tickets." Mist explained that she said more than 10 people to watch the COW OF CHRISTMAS."You see?" explaind MIst. Then the cow walked towards them. The cow got close to Ro and ate a part of her sweater. "Ew. STOP YOU COW! Don't you know what's food and what's not food? So the cow's food, her sweater, was messed up. "Um, Ro, I don't think it speaks English." Glowb said. "Oh really," Par started. "you know it doesn't speak English. After the cow walked away, Elegantly told them to walk to Northern Street. "WHY would we go there? It has all of these gangs there and people who escaped from jail." Candi said as her face was scared. All of are facees were scared also. "Oh my, why is there so many people? Now Zelda is here!." complaind Glowb. So all of the people walked to where the mudurers live. Once they got by a house, a guy came and held a knife around Elegantly's neck and Candi said," See? I told you there are creeps here! Well, It's not actually your fault." "My fault? Seriously? You guys came also." Elegantly answered. Then Candi told her that they followed her to get to the Cow show. Now the guy who held the knife said," Oh em geeeeee!" Everyone's face was all like: WHAT??? "So beautiful! I never seen friends go through this. I'm gonna have to kill you, all!" "AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!" were all the girls, then they all ran. Par then ran back to the man. She told him that he should go to the pool and drown. "If you want to kill us, so be it. So help me go drown. Enough said." Par shouted.

WAS THIS PART INTERESTING? Give me ur thoughts in comments! P5 is coming w/ probably more characters.

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