Well after they tried to manage the cars,three girls came up to us. They were tall. One had brown hair and a pretty smile. One had a little lighter brown hair. Another had orange-ish hair and the greenest eyes! WOW I thought. How can there be so many faces? I know I've seen them before, but why are they coming? "Mist, about the tickets, is it 10 tickets? You said 10 tickets because of people we are going to see. Is it Elengantly, Raven, and I forgot who else...?" Glowb asked. Mist hesitated then answered," Oh yes. But now I fogot the last one." JUST THEN a cow appeared. Everyone's face was:

"AAAAAAH!", was a scream. "WHERE DID THAT COME FROM?" Everyone  saw who screamed: Ro.

Sorry for shortness. Plz comment if u want more. ALSO Ask if u want to make/draw these scenes for me idc if u don't! AND tell me what I should put in p4 plz thx.

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