BEEP! was a phone. "Who's phone is that?" said Glowb. "It's yours. Isn't it?"asked Candi "Oh yeah. It is." said Glowb. After that everyone was still mad at me. Not enough to kill, but Mist wanted to. "Ok. If we dont have tickets, we could sneek in." shouted Par. "OMG we can do that?" asked Candi. "Well how are we goin to do that.? We could um...?" Mist sort of suggested. "I know! We can go to Glowb's and Antherax's car and go there!" I suggested. "How are we going to fit? There is only 7 of us." asked Par. "But there is 2 cars though." Candi said "Yes, but there aren't enough seats." I answered.

Sorry that it is short! Part three will come if u comment!

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