One day three friends wanted to go to see the Cow Of Christmas on Monday. They all were anxious to see it. "Why are you sitting?" asked Mist. " you see that I... forgot something." I said. Mist was confused. Then she asked," What did you forget? Is it something important?" "Um, yes, kind of." "Well what is it?" "It is.. the tickets for the show tonight." Mist's and Glowb's eyes were at me. They were mad. I thought they might kill me. "How could you do this?" Glowb yelled. "Yeah! Why? How could you have forgotten?" Mist yelled also. I didn't know what to do. The both of them were so mad that they could kill me. What have I done? I thought. "There isn't any more. They are all sold out. And also, its the last performance of the Cow and...The first for us." Glowb said. Then they apologized for yelling at me. Suddenly Candi came in the room. "OH REALLY?" She was snooping over our conversation. "Sv, why? You ruined our time. Now what are we going to tonight?" "IDK." I exclaimed. Just then a call came in. BEEP! was a phone. "Who's phone is that?"


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