aka whut is this popcorn land you speek of?

  • I live in IN POPCORN LAND
  • I was born on May 10
  • My occupation is um... an artist/student
  • I am A BLOB
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    OK BEFORE THIS STARTS..., I will edit this later so...yeah!

    Um..... still wip-ing this

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    Wanna be in this?
    2. MIST
    3. GLOWB 4. Someone
    5. Someone 6. Someone

    And also, put your name above/ edit this if you want to be in this. THANKEYU! 

    Amile doesn't like princess stuff or girly things. She also didn't know she was a princess, actually. She faces danger, fun, laughter, bravery, and even death. Join her and her friends to complete the way of her life just the way Amilia wants it!


    Amilia's sister is Amanda. Amanda is not that girly but, she wants to be a princess. She is though. She wants her sister, Amilia to be one too. She nearly kills her sister by forcing her to be one.

    Other Characters

    Amilia's friend: (apply in comments)

    Villian: (apply in comments) MIST

    King/ Dad: (apply in comments)

    Queen/ Mom: (apply in comments)

    Amilia's f…

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    Credits for the COW

    December 26, 2013 by SelenaVictoria88


    Director/ Author: SelenaVictoria88

    Cast: Mist on dc        Under Par       Candifloss-Official        Elegantly_Art   Glowb    Ro       Finnick     SelenaVictoria88       Raventhepersonlol(is in the secrets of this)     AND more plz edit...

    Special Thanks to: The people who wanted to apart of this! Thank you very much!

    Special Thanks to (continued):put yourself here so I can thank you

    Artists/ Fan art going to: WIP! Some people might do it

    Seasonal occasion/what time this is: December 23, Monday, 2013


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  • SelenaVictoria88

    So now Par came back to her friends. And now they are getting closer to the show. "Um, I'm hungry." complained Mist. Just then Zelda, Finnick , and Elegantly gave Mist some salad. "Where did you come from, Finnick?" asked Mist. They were almost there! They started speed walking. Then running. Then running faster. THEY MADE IT! All of them were happy. They sneaked in somehow.

    PAUSE so now they sneaked in, but how? I'll tell you in the secrets of this! PLAY

    They sneaked in somehow. Par got them seats. It was the best Christmas show ever! The cows pulled Satna's sleigh. The cows were elves, Santas, and part of the audience. " Ok this is pretty weird and funny, but how are we gonna get home?" I asked. " We just get the way we got here," answered…

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    Okay. Now in the story we have A lot of people. At the end I shall put credits! Ok BACK TO THE STORY:

    "Oh wow. WHY MIST???" yelled Glowb. "Why is there so many people? SV ordered-and forgot- 10 tickets." Mist explained that she said more than 10 people to watch the COW OF CHRISTMAS."You see?" explaind MIst. Then the cow walked towards them. The cow got close to Ro and ate a part of her sweater. "Ew. STOP YOU COW! Don't you know what's food and what's not food? So the cow's food, her sweater, was messed up. "Um, Ro, I don't think it speaks English." Glowb said. "Oh really," Par started. "you know it doesn't speak English. After the cow walked away, Elegantly told them to walk to Northern Street. "WHY would we go there? It has all of these gangs t…

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