Okay so I have a challenge that may help us be nicer/stay out of arguments. This is my first time doing a blog so I have no idea what I'm doing lololol

Anyway, in this challenge you can only make 1 post on the wiki everytime you draw a picture. But if it takes you a long time to draw something then you get 3 comments. Now remember, you don't have to. It's a challenge, so don't be like "OMG U CANT TELL ME WAT TO DO SHUT UPPP!!!"


  1. You can't draw a smiley face or any other simple picture that takes less then 15 minutes
  2. Sketches are acceptable only if you have major artblock. They are worth 1 comment
  3. If you are in this challenge and really need to comment something before you draw, you have to draw 2 pictures for that comment
  4. (Not really a rule) You have 5 free posts when you start this challenge
  5. Each picture can be used for 30 minutes of live chat instead of 1 comment
  6. Editting is worth 1/2 a picture, so after you edit a comment you can use the other half to edit your profile, a typo in a page, or another of your own comment. Proof-read your comment so this doesn't have to happen!


  1. It will give you time to think about someone's comment so you won't disagree with them as easily
  2. You don't look like a spambot
  3. People won't get annoyed by you...?
  4. You won't post usless stuff (no offenseee anyone)


  1. People may think you're rude
  2. You can't talk to your frandzzz as much


If you have any hate comments about this, fine. I will gladly ignore your rudeness :)

I already know more then half of you will not do this challenge :\

Ignore this post if you're not going to do this challenge please -.-

Haha I know not a lot of people won't respond to this but I'll be happy if you do :)

I think I might've said this on live a while ago, so yeahh

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