Okay, so I'm also finguring out how these "blog" things work, so bear with me. This is looking like kind of  normal page, so yay. NOW TO THE HELPING BIT.

So Ison's GF contest has gotten a good few entries, seen in the slideshow below. I'm hoping for more, but I'm seriously freaking right now.

Here are the entries:

  • SuperWolf13's entry
  • happytree200's entry
  • Sno-Miser1's entry
  • SpiriteWolf's entry
  • WonderLife's entry

Thing is, I'm divided in multiple ways as to who should win. I really like SpiriteWolf's entry, but then again, Saturn's (SuperWolf13) a cool wolf. The main thing is that I'm leaning toward happytree's out of them all; Columba, being a constellation, is really perfect for Ison, the comet, and she just looks good with him. But I don't want to seem like I'm favoring happytree200 just because it's happytree200 (Our cat characters Vivace and Crescendo are together, and we're both just fans of the other...)...........What do you guys think? Bear in mind, I'm waiting for more entries, so I'm not choosing now. I just want help with my dilemma.

Oh, and if any of you guys want to enter: 

Feedback is much appreciated.



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