Chapter 5

Rising Action

             Here is our protagonist. He sits with his house, meaninglessly chatting with his friends. His friends, however, cannot sense just how crestfallen our protagonist truly is.

He has found nothing new. His only choice, then, was to turn to cynicism. Whoever or whatever opened that portal had a plan, didn’t they? They just wanted to see him gain and lose everything at once, hadn’t they? And how foolish he’d been to fall for that portal’s trick! He almost wishes he was back to nothing, back at the start of his silly “adventure.”

But then he sees his friends, his fellow characters in this never-ending story. He sees his house, the gorgeous setting, its walls, ceiling, protection...and the door from which a knock is heard.

But soft! A knock? Our protagonist perks immediately up, cocking his head and turning his large ears to the noise. The visitor knocks again. “Who is that rapping, rapping at my chamber door?” (Our protagonist had taken to reading since acquiring his setting).

“’Tis I, you lazy feline!” the voice has an obvious edge to it. It was almost a hiss. “Why don’t you open this blasted door yourself?” the voice continues. Our protagonist decides to humor himself and opened the door to his guest.

Standing outside is a shadowy figure, much like our protagonist, but a thousand shades darker. This blackness was only magnified by the criminal glimmer in his eyes. “I am the antagonist,” the new character hisses. “I’m here to oppose you.”

Our protagonist smiles a steely grin. “And do you plan to pull that off?”

“By just plainly opposing you.”

Still he stands there, still with the same look as when he first arrived. Then it dawns on our protagonist. Hadn’t he himself been flat and static before the portals gave him shape? Perhaps the same is happening to this antagonist! Our protagonist cannot help but laugh at this thought. “Okay,” he says after a time, “you have fun with that. Support, Develop, let’s go to the park.”

On their way to the portal, the antagonist follows them. He had followed them the whole way, a mere concept of opposition. When our protagonist reaches the portal, he again says good-bye to his friends.

As he hops through, he hears a faint, hissing, “No turning back now...”

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