This is a back ground story of my OC MLP, Ghostly Hollows....


If you have no more questions let me begin...

Far far FAAAR away in the land of Equestria, lived a young filly who was the trickiest funniest and sweetest pony around, Ghostly Hollows. Her name may sound scary and fearsome, but she is not like that in a long shot. She was the nicest pony you could ever meet, and she dears friendship even more.

One Nightmare Night on the outskirts of Ghastly Gorge, Ghostly was on her way to a costume party when she stumbled upon a Changling. She tried to help the poor colt changling but in return her kidnapped her and took her to his queen, Queen Chrysalis. She laughed at the studding kind filly, she had been weak for showing kindness and laughter to a Changling, and as Ghostly luck got worst, Queen Chrysalis turned Ghostly into a changling herself.

Ghostly Hollows turned into a monster, but because she valued friendship, only her appearance changed, not herself. The Queen was furious, not only had she wasted her magic, but she'd had another friendship problem. With that the Queen locked Ghostly away for 5 years.

Eventually, she escaped from Chrysalis and she knew the best thing to do was find a alicorn to change her back. She finally reached Ponyville, and found a filly redish pink alicorn. The filly Lightning Bolt had no control over her magic but she still tried. Lightning Bolt couldn't not change Ghostly Hollows though, the only thing that the alicorn did manage to change back were her eyes and cutiemark.

Ghostly Hollows thank the young alicorn and headed on her way, she didn't know where she was going but she was going somewhere.

Now, years later, Ghostly Hollow's adventure starts a new, when she meets new friends and Princess Twilight Sparkle....

Yeah that's all.

Short story, yes, I know.

But that's only the begining, what happen next is a different story.

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