Kay, so I decided that because you are all wonderful people that I should draw a group picture FOR EVERYONE! That includes you, person in the back. -3-

I'm going to work SUPER HARD ON THIS, and it will probably be the longest and well drawn picture I have ever done. And I'm doing this for all of you people, I PROMISE IT WILL BE GREAT!

Anyways, I'll update my work on it, of course, but for now I want to know who wants to be in it, so I'm going to need your help on that... I need a drawing of you or your mascot if you want to be in the picture. It will be greatly appreciated if you could help me out with that part. 

Is that it? Maybe, if you have any question for this or something ask away, I'll be happy to answer. With that out of the way; I'm going to get to work, talk to you in winter!

(It's a joke, I'll probably be done in two weeks or so... -w-)

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