So if you guys saw my new pony Flare Chaser's Bio then you saw that I said I would make a comic about her cutiemark.. Well this is the comic!

Basically story is: Flare Chaser was practicing her stunts and fast flying when she creats a portal to a different universe. Her 3 friends and my OC Lightning Bolt, travel through the portal to bring her home. There they land in a world of where they are all humans(Not Equestria Girl style of humans, I have a different style I created..) When they do get her they have to create more portals until they're back in there dimention(I think I spelt that wrong...).

I know it kind of has the same thing about Equestria Girls, I'm going to put Inspired by Equestria Girls in the main heading...

The 3 other ponies in it:

Sunset Bliss,

Lavender Brush,

and Fantasia

If anyone else wants to be in it tell me, and I'll add you in here.(I'm also making in one part they go to a wolf world and other one's too... X3)

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