I don't think I need to explain the title, but just in case I will:

So because I'm working on my Chibi style of drawing and Anime drawings, I wanted to take requests!

Yeah, it also could be boredom, but hey, requests are requests.

Anyways this is the style of chibi Imma working on;

  • Who I put in this picture: Jesskitty, Mist, Rusty, Red(Me), AP, Mooney, Ace, and Puppydog.
  • Me hating math -w-
  • Random expression time! ^w^
  • Me, Rusty, AP, and Ace...

Then the anime style I use:

  • My characters Savannah and Peter.. ;w;
  • Mah other characters: Mackenzie and Mason

But yeah, request away! Chose one of these style if you want a request or if you want me to draw something else I'd be happy to do it! Anyway TTYL, ~Reddi -w-

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