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  • RedMonkey101 Studios it is, my writing..

    I want to start off saying that when writing the story about the girl finding the quarter I kinda added that she had a friend along with yeah...anyways I tried make it as short as possible...*shrugs*

    Also I think I wrote WAAY too much...I really did try not to add onto it, but that didn't work out too well...ehh.. Anyways onto le stories! *Sorry for any spelling errors or grammar mishaps...I probably didn't see it, so sorry...*

    Echoes of thunder crashed from sky, startling the girl walking the muddy path. The other girl beside her chuckled, “Dakota Wills, don't be so scared!” “I'm not, just surprised that's all.” Dakota started, “Besides, if we want to talk about scared we should start talking abou…

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    Kay, so I decided that because you are all wonderful people that I should draw a group picture FOR EVERYONE! That includes you, person in the back. -3-

    I'm going to work SUPER HARD ON THIS, and it will probably be the longest and well drawn picture I have ever done. And I'm doing this for all of you people, I PROMISE IT WILL BE GREAT!

    Anyways, I'll update my work on it, of course, but for now I want to know who wants to be in it, so I'm going to need your help on that... I need a drawing of you or your mascot if you want to be in the picture. It will be greatly appreciated if you could help me out with that part. 

    Is that it? Maybe, if you have any question for this or something ask away, I'll be happy to answer. With that out of the way; I'm …

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    This is a back ground story of my OC MLP, Ghostly Hollows....

    Far far FAAAR away in the land of Equestria, lived a young filly who was the trickiest funniest and sweetest pony around, Ghostly Hollows. Her name may sound scary and fearsome, but she is not like that in a long shot. She was the nicest pony you could ever meet, and she dears friendship even more.

    One Nightmare Night on the outskirts of Ghastly Gorge, Ghostly was on her way to a costume party when she stumbled upon a Changling. She tried to help the poor colt changling but in return her kidnapped her and took her to his queen, Queen Chrysalis. She laughed at the studding kind filly, she had been weak for showing kindness and laughter to a Changling, and as Ghostly luck got worst,…

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    K, it's le morning...or some what...I over slept... -w-

    Anyways, I come up with some ideas for this beginning but IDK about it...but..*shrugs* it's an idea...

    After finishing the first season of Fairy Tail again on her laptop, Red lets out a held-back-fangirl-squeal sigh. At the same moment; Kumi, Rusty and Ace walked in the room muttering something about about the Timey Whimey Jumper.

    Red started to look back in the season she just watched, it still fresh on her mind. Then a thought popped into her head, and a goofy grin started to spread across her face.

    "What's with that look?" Rusty asked, just noticing Red there.

    "Oh, just thinking of what Fairy Tail couple that would be cute." She responded, hugging herself from cuteness overload.

    "Oww, yo…

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    These blogs are probably spamming up your wiki activity page, and I'm so sorry for that, but some of us like these stories, right?

    I must give credit for this amazing story idea to Flyingace4!



    Ok...imma good -w-

    Anyways here's the continuation from the other story I wrote,

    Kumi started to panic, she didn't press the button for the different universe, but for going home. The reason she was panicking, Red amuses, is because she doesn't like the idea of herself not liking Fairy Tail. 

    Now the girl were back in their own universe, Red played with her thumps, Ace decided to make lunch, Rusty was taking a nap on the couch with Allonso, and Kumi was-…

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