Here I go, around the wiki, opening random pages, and correcting your grammar. I also correct your spelling. Thank me for being my weird, OCD self and making sure your pages don't sound a bit like this:

LyK i HeArT APPLEZZZZZ BECOS dey r lyk TEH MOSTSz AMAZINGeR  tingumububbiez n dc is weAR i dro becos it FUUn

Translation: Learn to spell, and remember what your first grade teacher taught you guys. Capitalize the word "I", all proper nouns, and the first word of your sentences. Punctuate. Spell. I know we aren't all perfect, and it's okay to make mistakes here and there, but please, at least try to look intelligent, and not like you failed first grade. Also, use apostrophes in the right place, please! Remember, when you want to say that something is someone else's, it's "theirs" or "your(s)", not "youre", "you're", "theyre", "they're", etc. "You're" and "they're" are contractions meaning "you are" and "they are", respectively. You wouldn't say, "You are last piece of art was really great!", would you? No. It is, "Your last piece of art was really great!" So, that also means, don't say, "Your welcome." because that basically means, "The welcome belongs to you.". It would be, "You are welcome.", or "You're welcome.". 

Thanks for keeping this in mind when you make a page, comment, blog entry, edit a page, etc. I don't think this has to apply to chat rooms, but if you want to, feel free!

Also, please edit pages that have grammar or spelling mistakes, and point mine out to me. I'm not an expert, but I would love to learn how to make my pages, comments, blogs, etc. sound professional! 

Thanks and see you next time, 

-Raven((thepersonlol)(Light)) (talk) 20:43, January 3, 2014 (UTC)Raven

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