aka Kousaka Honoka

  • I live in Tokyo, Japan
  • My occupation is Sukuuru Aidoru
  • I am a bread lover
  • Raventhepersonlol

    If you missed my dream...XD READ ON YOU'RE ALL IN IT LOL.

    I had this super weird dream last night. So I was in the hospital and you guys all come out to visit me. Like...really! And I wake up and Mist is all like, "HEY RAVEN!" And I be all like "Who awe yew?" and she's like "I'm Mist!" and from out of nowhere she gets glitter and throws it all over my face. And i know what Candi looks like, so I saw her and I was like "Candi? You're here too?" and she said that I fell from a cliff and it made the national news so you came to see me. THEN I was like "Why did you all come here?" And Candi said "I texted MJ who told Mist and Derpu and Rocky." Then Derp says "And I ask.fmd Birdie, Scenery, Ele, Magic, and some others" And Rocky says "I carpoole…

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  • Raventhepersonlol

    Have a deviantART? Great! Wanna randomly chat with Disney Create users while being on deviantART? can't. Until now! xXRavenLightXx has created the one and only Disney Create user chatroom on deviantART! Search #DIsneyCreateUsers on the chat homepage or just visit us here. I will set up some ground rules soon, then choose my chat mods. Please visit us!

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  • Raventhepersonlol

    Hey guys, I created a new chatroom on deviantART! Please, everyone be active on it, like you would on the Live! Chat here! Don't have a dA? Make one! I will set up some mods for when I am gone from chat. Visit the chatroom here or just look up #DisneyCreateUsers on the dA chatroom home page. I will set up some ground rules on this blog later, hope to see you in the chat room! :D

    -Raven((thepersonlol)(Light)) (talk) 12:41, March 22, 2014 (UTC)

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  • Raventhepersonlol be all like "angel fake" and I be all like...I may or may not have tweaked the story a bit to make myself sound better.

    So here we go.

    When I first started dating Angel, she said she didn't really know exactly who she was so she would just try to see where it would go from there. It wasn't a whole "Oh we are so dizzy in love at the same time and we are both girls and young and this sounds so fake", (even though I kinda was. I am SUPER lucky this whole thing has worked out). She even said it wasn't until I kissed here when she realized she loved me. So...yeah. That's the works.

    Things were awkward-ish for a day or two after that...but yeah then it all got to "this point". And I really want to believe we will last forever and ever and …

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  • Raventhepersonlol

    I. Am. So. Sorry.

    February 21, 2014 by Raventhepersonlol

    I regret

    Calling you names indirectly





    Talking behind your backs

    and everything else.

    I beg you, forgive me.

    I wish I hadn't reacted so

    I wish I could see

    This person only wanted me to blow.

    I love you all

    I'm writing this not just to pass the time

    I feel so small

    And I cannot rhyme. XD

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