Hi! this is Ro and today i will be solving the mystery of the stolen keyboar

Sorry, someone stole my keyboard.... Any way...It was a dark and stormy night! And Justin Beiber was having a concert!  all the tickets were not sold... Because:1. no one likes Justin Beiber and 2.Someone has stolen them!

I was investigating at the scene. Pet, my pet nar-shark-aphin-fish, was in my hand, and also in his fish bowl. he had his beautiful hat in and i was astonished because he looked sexy :P. I found footprints were the ticket seller was standing. Aha! my first clue."I know who stole ,my keyboard" i said. Everyone gasped.  " it was All of you!" i got  a lot off looks then i just walked away. IM A FAILURE And thats how equestria was Named!

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