Hey guys! Ro is makin a new game fur yall! XD It is called the icon game HERE ARE DA RULES:


  1. It only works on chat, so do it on chat
  2. no spamming it up
  3. No trolling (just no)
  4. Stick to the subject

Here is how to play:

Go on chat with at least 5 or more other people, and say "Icon Game". Everyone else says "Not It" and whoever says it last has to be "it". "It" chooses a random subject(example:trains, romans, school,ect.) and "It" has to Private message it to one person from the group. The person who got PMed has to change their icon to whatever fits the subject, and the other people have to make it not fit the subject, for example, if the subject was "flying" maybe the other people would do a seashell, or a basketball and such. The player who got PMed would do something to represent "flying". The other people would have to guess what the subject was, and whoever guesses it correctly first gets to be "it" for the next round. Got it?

Cool! meet me on chat ;)

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